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Jeff Pershing, singer/songwriter/guitar player, travels to tropical shores to immerse himself in
world rhythms. The unspoiled beauty of the people and their land resonates through his
sensitive lyrics and balmy melodies.

"This path that I'm on, seems so very long. This path that I chose,   " I don't know where it
goes," is a line from track one of "Magic Happens," and could easily be the story of Jeff
Pershing's life.

In a music career that began almost two decades ago, Pershing has played everything from
rock to blues to '60s covers and now world music.

"Music is what I do best and what I enjoy most," Pershing said."I feel like this is my
contribution to society."

Pershing describes his band's music as, "rock and funk, with Latin, African and Caribbean

Jeff  Pershing is the bands vocalist, guitar player and song writer.

With inspirational lyrics like, "time now is precious gold," and "why be normal like the way
you've been taught," Pershing is the lyricist of the way we all feel at some point.

"I'm consciously seeking inspiration wherever I go," Pershing said.

Two of Pershing's songs were conjured up during trip to Mexico, one if which is an
instrumental, and the other written in Spanish.

In a town saturated with rock bands, the world music of The Jeff Pershing Band has found a
strong Chico following.

"I think most people can enjoy it," Pershing says. "I think it has a universal appeal.
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